The .25 ACP: A Fightstopper?

posted on May 25, 2009

In my opinion, the little .25 automatic is a useless firearm that somehow remains curiously effective. There was never any role for these sometimes beautifully made little guns except personal defense. In the immediate post-turn-of-the-century era, dozens of makers cranked out vest pocket autos by the tens of thousands. People used to slip them into pockets in the belief that they would dispatch an attacker and even in modern times, cops used to carry them as a No. 2 (sometimes No. 3) gun.

By any measurable standard, a 50-gr. bullet at 800 f.p.s. is not enough to reliably stop a serious attack and applying everything in the way of bullet technology to make a .25 ACP JHP expand will never work. It just ain't enough gun. But they are still carried and they still stop attacks. I suspect that it's because people sometimes apparently believe that if they are shot, they have to stop. Urban legend or something.


Shotgun patterning target with infographic for shot string and lead pellets
Shotgun patterning target with infographic for shot string and lead pellets

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