Latest Loads: .30-’06 Sprg.

posted on July 5, 2018

Sometimes you just need a really big stick, and for the .30-’06 Sprg., this is it. Woodleigh Bullets’ Weldcore protected-point soft-nose (PP SN) bullets feature a tapered, 1.6 mm-thick, 90 percent copper/10 percent zinc jacket that’s bonded to a pure lead core for maximum retained weight and penetration. Eighty-five percent (or more) weight retention is standard. Negligible exposed lead at the nose prevents deformation in a box magazine during recoil, while internal grooves ensure consistent, controlled expansion across a range of velocities. The mild-recoiling load below features the Australian-made, 1.278"-long, 200-gr. Weldcore PP SN propelled to 2481 f.p.s., resulting in 2,733 ft.-lbs. of energy. Moreover, when zeroed at 200 yds. the heavy projectile only drops 10" at 300 yds. That’s bad news for elk, moose, eland, greater kudu, nilgai and other large, tough non-dangerous species at practical hunting distances.


right side bolt-action rifle gray wood silver metal steel stainless
right side bolt-action rifle gray wood silver metal steel stainless

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