Latest Loads: 10 mm Auto

posted on October 3, 2018

The .40 S&W has a reputation as a fight-stopper and competition-capable cartridge; however, there are circumstances that simply call for downrange performance above what it can deliver, such as big-game hunting and defense against large predators. A solid choice is found in the .40 S&W’s predecessor, the 10 mm Auto. The recipe below clearly illustrates why. When propelling the Hornady 180-gr. eXtreme Terminal Performance (XTP) jacketed-hollow-point (JHP) bullet to 1236 f.p.s., energy at the muzzle is a hulking 611 ft.-lbs. Even at 75 yds. it retains 458 ft.-lbs. of energy, and, with a 50-yd. zero, only drops 1.8" at that distance. Talk about a hard-hitting, flat-shooting pistol! Lastly, regardless of whether you’re engaging a threat in close quarters or a distant deer with your cherished 10 mm Auto, you can be confident of the 180-gr. XTP JHP performing; in fact, few handgun bullets are as dependable—reliable, consistent expansion and deep penetration are hallmarks of the design.

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