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Preview: PepperBall Mobile Launcher

Preview: PepperBall Mobile Launcher

PepperBall has been heavily involved in providing less-lethal products for law-enforcement and military use for year, and in recent years, the company has been exploring options to bring less-lethal defensive options to the commercial market. Following on the success of its LifeLite launcher, the company announced the release of its Mobile launcher in late 2020.

“The LifeLite has been a huge success for us,” said CEO Andrew Brennan. “We took that success and, with the Mobile, have designed a smaller but still robust product that retains the combined flashlight, aiming laser and launcher features, which have been so popular in our LifeLite. We made the Mobile smaller and easier to hold, and also available at a lower price point. We feel that customers will love the new Mobile and early feedback has been very strong."

The PepperBall Mobile launcher builds on the technology that made the LifeLite successful, and the smaller, streamlined design makes it easy for use in a variety of personal-defense scenarios. You can keep it in a bag or larger coat pocket when out walking, and it can be stashed in backpacks or vehicles without taking up a large amount of space.

With a loaded weight of 1.4 lbs., the PepperBall Mobile launcher is easy to carry, and when fully loaded, the device contains three projectiles. The less-lethal projectiles are propelled from the launcher through the use of an 8-gram C02 cartridge, and each launcher ships with three cartridges. The projectiles exit the launcher at a velocity of 250 fps and have an effective range of up to 40 feet. Upon impact with a target, the balls release an irritant cloud that expands up to 12 feet, all with the aim of debilitating an attacker and allowing the user to get away.

Each PepperBall round is fired with an easily accessed trigger button. In addition, the Mobile launcher also features a 350-lumen flashlight, so users can clearly identify their target and surroundings at night. PepperBall recommends that the launcher only be used in operating temperatures ranging from 20-110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Each PepperBall Mobile launcher ships with six live PepperBall projectiles, as well as 12 inert practice projectiles and three C02 cartridges. The suggested retail price for the package is $199.99. For more information, visit pepperball.com.

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