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The Polls Continue to Pile Up

The Polls Continue to Pile Up

A CNN poll released this week indicates 52 percent of Americans don’t want stricter gun control laws. That’s a 6-percent swing in our direction when compared to the last survey, which took place in June and found nearly 1,000 respondents of voting age evenly divided on the issue. However, there’s more in the findings.

Question 18 asks, “Generally speaking, do you think that allowing gun owners to carry their guns in public places makes those places safer, less safe, or makes no difference in how safe a public place is?” More people responded, “Makes public places safer” (35 percent) than claimed the opposite (33 percent). Thirty-two percent said it didn’t make a difference. These results come on the heels of a Gallup Poll this month that showed 56 percent of those surveyed felt they would be safer if more lawful citizens have training and carry permits.

Question 19 is phrased weird in the results, but it’s a safe assumption “NRA” was inserted into the blank space. “If the federal government were to make changes to nationwide gun laws, how important would it be to you that those changes have the support of [INSERT ITEM]?”

Answer options included extremely important, very important, moderately important, not that important and no opinion. The vast majority, by at least a 3:1 ratio in the sub-group that provided the closest results, felt it was important in some degree that the nation’s first civil rights organization supports any changes.

And, the latest crime figures from the FBI are out (2014). Crime’s down, gun ownership is up, and it’s obvious the American public has a growing understanding on the inverse relationship.

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