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Something for Nothing

Something for Nothing

This isn’t the kind of earth-shattering news that can make a blogosphere superstar, but if you’re in the market for a self-defense handgun, it’s worth knowing. Select Kahrs are now being shipped with a custom-foam insert that snugly holds and protects the gun, magazines and lock inside a new, triple-hinged, heavy-duty polymer case with double-wall, element-defying construction-at no extra cost to the consumer.

I’ve tested quite a few Kahrs, and they run and carry very well. In other words, you’ll put that heavier-duty case to work immediately, because your new Kahr won’t stay parked long.

It gets better, though. Burning range time during a training course while reloading magazines is maddening. To help remedy the problem Kahr’s Premium handguns now come with three magazines instead of two-more than a $40 value, again at no additional cost.

Sliding closures keep the case’s lockable lid securely in place. The extra magazine is now offered on all 18 models of the premium-series pistols, which includes the TP, T, P, K, PM and MK. On the California-approved P380, Kahr now provides one extra magazine bringing the total to two.

I probably don’t need to wait for a phone call from the Pulitzer Prize committee on stories like this, but added value and quality always deserves mention. And in that regard, Kahr’s operation is moving from New York because of the “unfriendly” atmosphere toward guns, according to an article in The Pocono Record. You can read more about the move and construction underway here.

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