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Silencing Taxpayers

Silencing Taxpayers

The promotion is called “Damn the Man-Taxes Suck.” That’s the official title, so please don’t spam me in regard to colorful language. I tried to write around it, but IRS forms turn my language salty this time of year.

If you purchase an AAC short-barreled rifle or suppressor, the company will give you $200 to spend on advanced-armament.com. New gear may not make much fiscal sense at a time when you’re pouring over IRS forms, searching for the slot where you can deduct your dog’s license and vaccinations (if you find it, let me know). However, suppressors are temptingly inexpensive from AAC and the people there are awesome. The Ranger 3, for example, is a thread-mounted version for a 5.56 NATO rifle with a price tag of only $550. Hurry though, this is a limited-time offer.

Yes, written permission from your chief law enforcement officer will be required, another battery of background checks will take place, you’ll get more ink on those fingers and you’re going to pay $200 (oddly the same amount AAC is giving you back in merchandise) for a tax stamp. Even then, you will wait a few months before BATFE grants you privilege of taking that bouncing baby suppressor home-if everything goes OK, that is.

If you get a tax refund, you like waiting anyway. And if you’re like me, dizzy trying to figure out which line goes to what form, jumping through all the hoops to purchase a suppressor doesn’t seem like that big of a deal today.

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