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Historic Elimination

Historic Elimination

The producers of Top Shot sure seem to love the trick shots, as well as grouping the shooters into squads to force them to rely on the abilities of others. It almost seemed like prophecy when Kelly discussed how he had gone to the Proving Ground every time he had been grouped with others, but had never placed lower than second competing on his own.

Since last week's challenged ended the run of my other favorite, I sure was hoping I was wrong. Of course, I wasn’t really concerned because Kelly is good and has really dominated at the Proving Ground with whatever gun has been placed in his hands.

To be honest though, the competitors weren’t that impressive in the expedition shooting portion. Everybody was missing, with the extreme exception of Peter who nailed all three thrown soda cans to give his Blue squad the win, and since Gary was able to hit two cotton swabs at 25 feet, the Gray squad, consisting of Adam, Chris and Kelly, traveled to the Proving Ground. There Chris placed a bullet from a SIG P229 1.5 inches from the bullseye of the target 50 feet away. This, of course, meant that Adam and Kelly had to compete in the Elimination, but they didn’t seem too disappointed when they learned they would be competing with a Hotchkiss Mountain Gun that served in the 1902 Battle of Manila.

While Kelly seemed to do better during practice, under the pressure of the challenge, Adam was a little more consistent and continues his quest for $100,000 and the title of History’s Top Shot. Kelly was sent home, but he summed up his feelings with a single line: “I shot a freaking cannon.”

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