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The Laser’s Edge

The Laser’s Edge

Even though I started as a skeptic, I became a fan of lasers after trying them a few years ago. Since then I’ve attached lasers from various manufacturers to five handguns and one rifle, and can’t believe that I ever doubted their need.

Lasers provide fast target acquisition in almost any situation, and are especially useful at times where sights can’t be used, such as from the ground or in low light. Three of my current lasers are from Crimson Trace, including the one on my carry gun, and I love the speed and accuracy that they add to any shooting situation. Even thought I spend most of my time training without the laser to better improve my mechanics, I do train with my lasers to ensure that I’m completely familiar with these tools. I have also watched the excellent training videos that Crimson Trace has produced—The Art of Survival and The Laser’s Edge.

The Art of Survival has been out for a few years, providing useful tips to shooters on self-defense and how to use a laser. The Laser’s Edge is new, and expands on the benefits of lasers by discussing target visibility, training with lasers, accuracy while moving and other self-defense tactics for lasers. Both are available from Crimson Trace for free, and every shooter, whether using lasers or not, should consider viewing these excellent videos that feature industry experts like Julie Golob, Todd Jarrett, Dave Starin and NRA Publications contributor Richard Mann.

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