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Shopping Safe

Shopping Safe

With decorations hanging and music in the air, the holiday shopping season is getting underway. In fact, quite a few stores are starting Black Friday specials on Thanksgiving night.

While this isn’t a concern for me, I’ll be watching the Egg Bowl on ESPN, many people will flock to the stores to find deals on gifts for loved ones. Unfortunately, this could also means that people with bad intentions could also head out to take advantage of unwary shoppers.

The National Crime Prevention Council has some tips for safe shopping, which should be reviewed before facing the crowds that can become overwhelming. Other tips include ensuring your purse is securely closed or moving your wallet to your front pocket to discourage pickpockets, never counting money in public or continuously touching the pocket where you store valuables.

Since a lot of problems happen in parking lots, you should also park under or near a functioning lamp in the lot, shop in groups and pay attention to your surroundings when walking out, and if you feel uncomfortable about a situation, go back inside the store and ask a security guard or employee to accompany you to your vehicle.

Most of the folks in the stores are good, decent people trying to catch a deal and enjoy the season, but there are some elements that are up to no good. Limit their opportunities by being cautious.

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