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Firearm Traveler’s Guide

Firearm Traveler’s Guide

As someone who prefers to carry a concealed handgun everywhere I go, I spend a lot of time researching the laws of the various states in which I travel. There are websites that have compiled the laws that regulate concealed carry by state, which are a fairly good place to start. However, I’m always unsure of how up-to-date these websites really are, especially as I have often found mistakes listed.

While I use these websites as a quick reference, my favorite source for firearm laws is the Traveler’s Guide to Firearm Laws of the Fifty States.

In its 16th edition, the Traveler’s Guide provides an in-depth look at concealed-carry and firearm transport laws, as well as officer notification laws in all 50 states. In it, Scott Kappas, a lawyer and firearms supporter, succinctly explains the 85 changes in firearm laws from the 2011 edition, including implementation of the Castle Doctrine in five states, reciprocity among the states, open carry and constitutional carry.

As firearm laws can differ greatly from state to state, it’s beneficial to know how to legally carry before you travel through one. And, it’s not a bad idea to have a reference along that can be checked whether or not there is Internet or phone service available.

The Traveler’s Guide to Firearm Laws of the Fifty States is available for $13.95 at Gunlawguide.com, or can be purchased at the NRA Store.

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