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Tactical Shirts

Tactical Shirts

Everything seems to be tactical these days, even clothes. While I often wear tactical pants from a variety of manufacturers, I have always disliked the shirts: They were heavy, uncomfortable, hard to fit and, as my grandmother would say, ugly as sin, especially since they were only available in the military-like colors of green, black and tan. I have a couple that I seldom, if ever, wear, and I would in no way recommend them to you or anyone else.

For the longest time, companies seemed to think that adding pockets for gear made a shirt tactical. This, of course, is not the case. A tactical shirt should be well thought out and comfortable for its intended use, which starts with concealing the fact that the wearer is carrying a gun. Next, it should be made of high-tech materials to keep the wearer dry and comfortable regardless of the level of activity. Finally, it should look like a shirt someone would actually wear in the real world. I am not going to wear a heavy, oversized, cotton-canvas shirt with zippers and pockets everywhere to purchase groceries or for anything else for that matter.

Thankfully, clothing companies have realized that the tactical shirt market is more than pockets. Currently, there is a nice selection of shirts designed around conceal-carry that actually look decent and are comfortable to wear. We need more companies and lines in this market, but I’ve been wearing the Woolrich Tactical Elite Performance Polo, and have found it to be comfortable and as stylish as I need a shirt that goes with a nice pair of tactical pants. Its lightweight, sweat wicking and tucks well around my Kimber. Basically, it’s a little more though out polo shirt with a few extras.

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