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A Classic Colt is Back

A Classic Colt is Back

By Jim Wilson

I am so pleased to report that Colt has brought backits New Frontier single-action revolver. As most of you know, this is its classic single-action with a ramp front sight and an adjustable rear sight. Though the sixgun was announced some time back, this is the first time that I've had a chance to handle and examine one.

Currently, the New Frontier is offered in .44 Spl. and .45 Colt. Barrel lengths are 5 ½ inches and 7 ½ inches, with the popular 4 3/4-inch tube coming soon. The rear adjustable sight is an Elliason and the front sight is that bold ramp that handgunners have always associated with the New Frontier. Stocks are smooth walnut with a gold Colt medallion. The real eye catcher, however, is the beautiful colors in the case-colored frame of this revolver. The 7 1/2-inch gun that I examined had a very smooth, well-timed action, as well.

Stay tuned, because I'll be testing the .44 Spl. and .45 Colt for a feature in American Rifleman in the very near future.

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