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The Bill Drill

The Bill Drill

The Bill Drill is intended to improve speed and accuracy in self-defense shooting by teaching trigger control, sight tracking, recoil management and sight picture. There is some controversy as to who actually developed the Bill Drill, but it we’re pretty sure it was one of the Bills, as in Jordan, Rogers, or Wilson.

As with most shooting drills, the concept is easy. All you have to do is put six rounds into an IPSC target at 7 yards as quickly and accurately as possible from retention. Of course, actually conducting the drill correctly is a little harder.

To do the Bill Drill properly, you must manage the gun’s recoil while following the sights with your eyes and firing as soon as the front sight aligns with the A zone on the target. The best tips I can provide is to start slow, follow the fundamentals and pay particular attention to the front sight. As confidence builds, speed up. When you can conduct the Bill Drill in three to four seconds, you are becoming a good shooter. When you’re closer to two seconds, you’re becoming a really good shooter. You can also add additional difficulty by having a friend give you the go signal.

While most ranges permit this type of drill, if you’re range does not allow drawing a handgun from a holster, your next best option is to begin at the low-ready position. Get some ammunition, get some targets and be sure to implement self-defense training into your shooting sessions.

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