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Shotgun Mastery

Shotgun Mastery

This week sees me on the road again, headed to the largest 3-gun match of the season in Kentucky, so it was perhaps apt that Episode 3 of "Top Shot" would feature one of the biggest names in the sport as shotgun expert. Taran Butler demonstrated his prowess with a Benellli and showed why reloading is such a critical skill to master.

Despite Blue Team's theatrical performance in the practice session, they still managed to apply the fundamentals under pressure. Taran awarded expert's pick to Billy on the Blue Team.

I'm enjoying the fact that all the team challenges this season are being run in a head-to-head format. This makes the outcome more accessible to the viewer and produces more exciting TV. Michael Marelli discovered that it's wise to consider one's words in an interview, lest they come back to haunt you. Claiming to be shotgun expert and then making only one hit out of five in a couple of his relays is a great way to be hoisted by one's own petard.

The art department at Pilgrim Films really outdid themselves for the elimination challenge this week. Can you imagine the amount of work that went into creating the prop for that event? The development of "Top Shot" as a business is really evident in season 3. Did anyone else notice the product placement from Remington and Safariland, as well as the obvious one from Benelli?

After the 3-gun match this weekend, I'm headed to L.A. for a week for a project that I can't reveal too much about, but you, no doubt, can connect the dots. Colby tweeted this week about a spinoff show from "Top Shot," which should give a lot more in-depth information about the technical aspects of the shooting sports. Watch this space...

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