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Light Discipline

Light Discipline

While many know that it is unwise to flip on the lights when going to investigate a potential burglar in the home, many these same people will continuously run a flashlight when searching their homes. This is bad light discipline.

A good light lets you search while revealing any potential intruders, but it also reveals your position. It’s better light discipline to use a flashlight with a momentary button to quickly scan the room before letting the light go off and quickly stepping to the side. I repeat: After every scan, turn off the light and quickly, butquietly, move one to two steps to the side. This ensures that if a bad guy charges or fires toward the light, you will not be there to feel the brunt of the attack.

Practice light discipline in a dark room with an unloaded or inert gun to ensure you can hold, aim and fire while holding a light, and be sure to scan quickly and to move every time the light goes out.

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