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Low-Light at Gunsite

Low-Light at Gunsite

I don’t know if it was luck or fate, but my last blog on lights was a fitting topic since I will soon be heading to Gunsite to attend a low-light training class with Crimson Trace and Smith & Wesson.

I, along with a few other gun writers, will be trying out some new products and receiving instruction from one of the premier gun-training academies. I have been told that if we can’t break at least one of these new items we be playing with, our host will be disappointed.Well, my father always said I could screw up an anvil with a feather. Guess I'll get to test that theory.

Now, I’ve always felt that low-light techniques are extremely important to the average self-defense advocate. Most break-ins happen when people are at work, buta lot home invasions happen in the dark of night. Because of this, it is important to know how to use a flashlight to your best advantage.

This is what I’m going to learn at the firearms school built by the late and great Col. Jeff Cooper. While it has been a long time since Col. Cooper has been involved with the academy, Gunsite’s training principles have remained true to Cooper’s vision and I’m looking forward to learning from men and women who have dedicated their lives to promoting self-defense, and plan to pass this information on to you as best I can.

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