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Behind The Scenes with the Sons of Guns

Behind The Scenes with the Sons of Guns

Stephanie Hayden is standing by the printer. “Dad look at this,” she shouts holding up a list of rare guns, including an Uzi, from a prospective client. In a flurry of phone calls, e-mails, messages and wish lists, Owner Will Hayden pulls on a cigarette in his office. Through the vale of smoke to his left is a window that let's the boss see into his shop. Right now Vince Buckles, lead gunsmith, is welding a stock in the corner as gunsmith Glenn Fleming puts together a folding stock for a conversation kit. At the same time in the bustling lobby Kris Ford breaks out a box to show off a Desert Eagle for an upcoming “special top secret” project. The group's attention is soon gathered by a bright purple pickup in front of the building. The distinctive truck is sporting a bunch of Louisiana State University stickers and one other interesting item—a Civil War era mini cannon.

“This really happens every day,” Stephanie says with a grin. “It’s not just for the cameras.”

Welcome to Red Jacket Firearms. It’s a different kind of gun shop—the custom kind. But custom doesn’t quite do justice to the innovative firearms these guys and gals turn out. Will runs a shop where family comes first. That’s why, he says, his shop is unlike all the rest. Oh, and they have a TV show.

“This show [Sons of Guns] isn’t about guns,” he says. “It’s about my family, and my crew. It would be the same if we sold ice cream or flowers. We’re just everyday people who build guns and love doing it.”

In the short three months since its debut, this inside look at one of the most innovative custom gun shops in the Nation, dubbed "Sons of Guns," has taken reality TV by storm. Fans have flocked to the show to see what crazy firearm Red Jacket can cook up next, and these gun-toting Bayou boys have proven they can do almost anything with a gun. Rifleman’s Reality Shots will be covering everything "Sons of Guns" in the weeks to come, but first up Will gives us an exclusive look at RJF's newest AR platform rifle.

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