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Defensive Pizza Delivery

Defensive Pizza Delivery

Three would-be robbers in Detroit recently had the tables turned on them by a pizza delivery guy who was prepared to fend off their attack.

The news report doesn’t name the non-victim who used a handgun to protect his life while performing his job on the east side of Motor City, which is probably a good thing. This was a planned attack where three assailants ordered a pizza delivered to a vacant house. I have no idea if the driver noticed that something was wrong and prepared himself, or if he was just constantly vigilant of his surroundings, but either way he came out on top.

What I liked most was that the manager of Papa’s Pizza told WXYZ Action News that not only did he have a permit to carry a concealed handgun, but that many of his drivers did as well. It’s nice to see a company that allows its employees to express their Second Amendment rights and defend their lives in a potentially dangerous job. If I lived in Detroit, this would be my pizza parlor.

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