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Aim Center Mass

Aim Center Mass

You always hear self-defense experts say that you should train to hit the center-of-mass so that it will be instinctive during a confrontation. I’ve said this myself many times, both written and verbally. But, what exactly is center-of-mass in a self-defense situation?

Center-of-mass in all situations is the center of what you can see. This could be the center of the body if the perpetrator is in the open, or it could be a very small section of the head and chest if he or she is behind cover. It might even be the hand holding the gun if that is all you can see.

Quickly identifying your point of aim and knowing how to hit it are two important skills for self-defense.

You can train for this by covering different sections of your targets to simulate your attacker using cover. This can be done by putting the target behind a barricade, covering part of it with cardboard or even adding a line with a marker.

Next time you’re at the range, try limiting your center-of-mass aim point on your target. Start with the gun at the low-ready position, and once you have that mastered, add drawing from retention to the equation if your range allows it. This will help prepare you for confrontations on the street.

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