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Gun Safe Withstands Shotgun Blasts, Paring Knife

Gun Safe Withstands Shotgun Blasts, Paring Knife


During a recent break-in in Baton Rouge, La., the would-be burglar attempted to shoot his way through homeowner Diane L.'s Cannon brand safe, but to no avail.

The safe was shot with nearly a box of 12-gauge shotgun shells, blasting the keypad 20 feet away. When that failed to open it, it looks like the thief tried to pry it open with a paring knife. Though the safe was left inoperable after the ordeal, Cannon stood by its zero-cost lifetime warranty and replaced Diane L.'s safe for free after calling a locksmith to drill the safe door off.

The burglary is still currently under investigation. A detective examining the break-in said that he had never seen a safe blasted with a shotgun before.

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