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ASAP Survival Gear Bags

ASAP Survival Gear Bags


ASAP Survival Gear packs are pre-loaded, compact and durable bags designed to be the go-to, no-hassle answers for any emergency or survival situation. The basis of the system are "starter packs," or 4 specialized bags containing the type of general gear necessary for a prolonged survival situation, including food, water, shelter, first aid, medical supplies and communication.

In addition to the starter packs, ASAP Survival Gear offers accompanying modules to meet specific gear needs, including specialized equipment for pet care, auto emergencies, winter home survival and hygiene.

The Sentinel Starter Pack, designed to sustain 2 people for 48 hours, includes:

Your Survival - The Complete Resource for Disaster Planning and Recovery by Dr. Bob Arnot
24 Emergency drinking water packets by Mainstay
12 Emergency food rations (each a 400 calorie meal) by Mainstay
1 "Gizmo" headlamp by Black Diamond
1 Crank powered AM/FM/NOAA emergency radio/charger by Eton
1 "Fuse" Multi-Tool by Leatherman
1 First-aid kit by AMK
2 Emergency Blankets by AMK
2 emergency bivvy sacks by AMK
Wind & waterproof matches with case
8 Wet fire tinder cubes
1 Pea-less whistle by Fox 40
4 Cyalume Lightsticks (8-12 hrs each)
1 Sharpie

For a full list of starter packs and modules, visit ASAP Survival Gear.

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