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Savage 110 BA

Savage 110 BA

A few years ago, you might not havementioned Savage’s name when talking about higher-end rifles.But now, Savage is becomingknown for producing some of the most accurate rifles around.They have a gun for every type of shooter and every budget.

Savage’s new 110 BA is designed and chambered for long-range shooting. Not only does it look great, but it shoots just as good as it looks. This gun will be the cover story in American Rifleman in March.

Savage 110 BA

Here are a few specs on the gun:

1. 110 BA is chambered .338 Lapua Mag and 300 Win. Mag.

2. Magazine capacity is five rounds in .338 Lapua and six in .300.

3. 110 BA uses a Magpul PRS2 stock

4. Weighs 15.75 pounds.

5. Overall Length is 50.5 inches


The best part about working here is that we've had the110 BA,and were shooting it, long before most knew it existed.American Rifleman Managing Editor Aaron Carter shot it last fall in Oregon. He’s taken a few deer with it this year and said it’s one of his favorite rifles.OK, maybe the best thing about working here is shooting the guns.Here's a quick video of me shooting the 110 BA with TheFirearmsBlog.com's blogger Steve and Shooting Illustrated's Ed Friedman.

Keep checking back for more. With SHOT right around the corner, I know we’ll have some great products coming in soon.

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