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356 TSW

356 TSW

The 356 TSW was an interesting cartridge that lasted only very briefly and is now out of print. It stands for 356 Team Smith & Wesson and was offered in several S&W autos as well as a few Centennial revolvers.

The S&W engineers created the little 9 mm round for the early 1990s IPSC venues. Their goal was to use existing pistol platforms to build competitive autos.

Loaded to the same overall length as the 9 mm Luger, the 356 TSW drove 147-grain JHPs fast enough to do the trick. Using a strong case about 21.5 mms in length, the 356 TSW made major with room to spare. At one point, I had several guns for evaluation and enjoyed shooting them very much. Basically, it was a way to hot rod the 9 mm round and it worked.

For one reason or another, the round was barred from competition and passed from the scene. S&W may still make some of the guns for sales in Europe, where things are different.

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