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Covert Carrier

Covert Carrier

The idea of a clip or hook built onto a pistol is centuries-old. The clip permits the handgunner to attach the gun to his sash, belt or bandoleer instead of carrying it in a much more bulky holster.

It's a concept that has merit, particularly in view of today's light clothing, featherweight guns and rust free gun materials. A new company called Covert Carrier has come out with a modern refinement of the gun clip concept.

They install their nicely engineered clips to project forward from the rear edge of the auto pistol grip. In use, the gun rides just below - and inside - the waistband of a pair of trousers with the only part of the gun visible being the clip. This keeps the gun from dropping below the belt line and within easy access.

The concealed carry handgunner simple draws the pistol with a pinching action that lifts it from its concealment location and right into the shooter's hand. This is good-looking gear for the concealed-carry proponents.

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