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New York Reload

New York Reload

The Legendary NYPD is one of the oldest police agencies in the country and certainly viewed by most as having a rich tradition of competent gun handling and use. After all, this was the heritage of Jim Cirillo and the famed stakeout squad. Many innovations in gun handling came from this organization, along with terms not heard outside of Police circles.

One of the least known is the folding speedloader used by the department before WWII. A better known one was probably coined by an unknown member of the PD – the New York Reload. In short, these guys know their guns and shooting.

Now what is a New York Reload? Is it some exotic technique or custom piece of equipment? Not hardly – A New York reload is another gun, tucked away in concealment , but ready to go when needed. And if the primary gun runs dry and there is no time to reload it, the New York reload allows the officer to continue protecting and serving.

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