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Benelli Montefeltro Super 90 Exploded View

Benelli Montefeltro Super 90 Exploded View

In 1987, Benelli introduced its first Super 90, the M1. It quickly became a favorite among European practical shotgun competitors, but hunters who wanted a more traditional looking shotgun had to wait for the Montefeltro version to come out the following year.

Appealing features of the Montefeltro include a series of stock shims for adjusting the drop at heel by almost 1/2". Adding the shims is simply a matter of unscrewing one of the buttplate screws so the buttplate can be turned, exposing the stock through bolt. Loosen the 13 mm stock bolt retaining nut, then pull the stock off the recoil spring tube. Install the desired shim, and reassemble the buttstock.

The recoil-operated action has a rotary locking system that fires 3" and shorter shells interchangeably. Lockup is by two lugs on the bolt rotating into a steel barrel extension. Since the bolt locks directly to the barrel, the Montefeltro can use a lightweight, aluminum receiver. A slender fore-end is achieved through a lack of gas system parts around the magazine tube. No gas system means no rubber O-rings, which reduces the chance of malfunctions attributable to fouling and helps keep overall weight of the gun low...




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