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4 Responses to Gun of the Week: Ruger GP100

Matt R. wrote:
February 28, 2013

If you want to know more on the Ruger security/service/speed six line of revolvers go to the following link: Also one of the best things you can do for any GP100 is to buy a Wolff Shooter's reduced recoil spring pack and install the 10 lb or 12 lb hammer mainspring DON'T USE THE 9LB IT WILL RESULT IN LIGHT STRIKES and then install the 10 lb trigger return spring (the 8 lb trigger return spring that also comes in the kit is too weak, I tried it and it sucked). This will help reduce the weight of the trigger pull as the factory hammer main spring is 14 lbs and the trigger return spring is 12 lbs which is why the trigger is such a tough pull in DA. If you have any of the S-six models, you can buy a Wolff shooter's reduced recoil spring kit for it where it comes with a lighter trigger return spring and a lighter hammer mainspring than factory. Both of these kits are fairly cheap at Also another thing you can do, that I did to all of my Ruger DA revolvers is use a little 600 grit sand paper on some of the rough areas of the action DO NOT ATTEMPT IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING, TAKE IT TO A GUNSMITH. This mod will knock all of those micro burrs of the parts, making for a smoother, lighter trigger pull in both DA and SA. My 3" GP with both the Wolff spring kit and the smoothed action has a DA pull comparable to a S&W and the SA pull is no more than a pound. When in SA, you put just enough pressure on it and it goes bang, so it's probably less than 16 oz.

Matt R. wrote:
February 28, 2013

Well, all I can say is it's about time that Ruger got the recognition it deserves when it comes to their double action revolver line, especially with all those S&W fans out there lol. I own currently 6 handguns, 5 of which are Rugers, 4 of which are double action med frame .357 revolvers. You will never find a better double action revolver ever made. I own a Security Six w/ a 6" barrel, partial lug (no full lug barrels were ever available in any of the security/service/speed sixes), blued finish made in '84; a Service Six blued w/ a 4" bull barrel made in '85; a first gen Ruger GP100 stainless w/ a full lug 6" barrel (these did come in partial lug barrels for a short time in both the 4.2" and 6" barrels where the 4.2" had fixed rear sights like the standard 3" model is today) where the 1st gen GPs (as I refer to them) had a fixed grip retaining cross lug because the 1st gen set of those wood and rubber inlay gripes actually had the rubber portion split into 2 separate halves like on mine which was made in '88. My last Ruger revolver (so far lol) is a 3" barreled stainless GP100 (not the Wiley Clapp model) made in 2011. One of the things that was stated in the video clip was the genius behind the grip lug. Another advantage that wasn't listed, regarding the grip lug as opposed to a grip frame is the fact that due to there being less metal at the grip, the muzzle becomes heavier with that full lug barrel which actually helps reduce recoil at the muzzle, and therefore, less muzzle flip with no sore wrists due to whiplash from a potent .357 mag cartridge. The Securiy/Service/Speed Sixes didn't have this feature, but instead have a full grip frame like any S&W or Colt double action. The only other differences between the new & old was the fact that the S-sixes had the old plunger style lockup of the cylinder crane at the front of the ejector rod (still utilized by S&W today) and the calibers offered were .38 special, .357 mag/.38, and with 9mm Luger in the speed sixes.

J.TANNER wrote:
February 26, 2013

I have 4.2 357 mag and a love it! I actually took a deer this year at at about 35 yards. can not say enough about it. Great gun!

Rigges wrote:
October 19, 2012

Were Did Ruger get there Idea for that Lock up??? as Ihave a Customized Smith and Wesions Model 28 .357 Mag was reworked by a master Gun smith in Germany to have a colt 4.25 inch barrel and the lock up on that is very similar to mine and my smith was reworked in 1984 the gunsmith had done work for Walther and many other companies............