Watch Your Six

One of the easiest ways to be attacked when out and about is from behind. There are countless stories about blitz attacks coming from behind where the victim never sees the attacker’s face and is unable to identify the perpetrator.

This can happen in a multitude of ways, though most often in areas where there are objects that the assailant can hide behind, such as cars in a parking lot. Regardless of tools and training, if you don’t see someone coming up from behind, you won’t be able to defend yourself.

Because of this, you must be especially aware of what is going on behind you. To do this you should look behind you often, sit facing the door in restaurants and always take a careful look around before entering your vehicle, paying special attention to corners and shadows where assailants can hide, and always know who is around you in crowded locations.

I often glance back to see if anyone is paying particular attention to my party, watching to see if anyone suspicious walks into the restaurant I’m visiting and stroll past my vehicle to see if anyone is crouching down to hide. I will even walk a perimeter around my car if I have a feeling that something is just not right. All you have to do is pretend as if you forgot where your car is parked. It’s always better to look somewhat foolish than to allow someone to get in your six.

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1 Response to Watch Your Six

gundog wrote:
May 03, 2012

Cell phone users are some of the worse offenders of watch your six mentality. Cell phoners as I call them are completely unaware of ANYTHING going on around them. I sometimes stop right in front of someone engrossed in their phone to see if they will actually stop. If I was a bad guy I could rob, beat or harm them in many ways and they would never even know I did it until they woke up in the hospital. Seniors are some of the worse also. (I am 69 so I can speak freely about this) They concentrate on their walking and have no clue what is going on around them. Add to this poor hearing and/or vision and they become prime targets for thugs. It is happening in parking lots over and over here in FL every day. Be aware and walk with an attitude and thugs will look for a softer target people.