Use the Car Alarm

Ken from North Carolina recently offered an excellent tip on deterring intruders; keep your car keys, with the automatic key fob attached, next to your bed. If you believe your home is being broken into, set off the panic button. The noise and lights should scare off a burglar and alert your neighbors, who you should know and have coordinated with to some degree.

This can also work if you perceive a threat when away from your home. It won’t dissuade a determined attack by someone with hate in the heart, but it just might bring enough attention to the situation to run off some criminals.

Share your tips for staying safe, and the person submitting the best one will get a VersaCarry ambidextrous holster for a compact .380 ACP.

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4 Responses to Use the Car Alarm

RackAttack wrote:
January 08, 2013

jethmpsn is the winner of the VersaMax holster. Thanks for participating.

dmspaak wrote:
December 23, 2012

Develope a sense of community in yourself and your neighbors. You don't need to establish a neighbohood watch, just look out for each other and keep track of what's going on. Think twice about what you post on social media like facebook and review your privacy settings. Don't make it easy for thieves trolling websites by posting your whereabouts. Wait 'til you get back to post a few pictures of your vacation.

jethmpsn wrote:
December 21, 2012

The car alarm like gated communities is another attempt at giving the consumer a false sense of security. 1. Dorrs locked ALL the time. 2. Motion activated exerior lights & timed interior lights. 3. Dog or dogs present. I never tell a stranger that the family pet will not attack/bite, I tell them they will not if I am present. 4. Active house alarm connected to a monitoring system. 5. Firearms - as a last resort.

obxned wrote:
December 20, 2012

Car alarms go off for no reason too often, so that neighbors tend to just roll over in bed and hope it gets shut off soon. Eventually someone might call the police to complain, but an annoying car alarm will not get a high priority. Setting your car alarm off may help, particularly with new-to-the-trade home invaders, but don't bet your life on it!