Umarex/IWI UZI .22 Carbine and .22 LR Pistol

Check out video coverage of American Rifleman Managing Editor Aaron Carter shooting the ultra-cool Umarex/IWI Uzi .22 LR Pistol at the 2012 Media Day at the Range in Boulder City, Nev.

New for 2012 from Umarex/IWI is the Uzi .22 Carbine and the .22 LR Pistol. Both feature a 20-round capacity, and metal receivers.

The Uzi .22 Carbine is intimidating at first glance, but after shooting it we found it was low in recoil and just plain fun to shoot. Other features include a foldable stock, hidden Picatinny rail, front sight adjustable for elevation, rear sight adjustable for windage, grip safety and a detachable sling swivel.

The .22 LR Pistol features a lower Picatinny rail, front sight for elevation, rear sight adjustable for windage and grip safety. The overall length is 9.5 inches.

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3 Responses to Umarex/IWI UZI .22 Carbine and .22 LR Pistol

Steve wrote:
December 28, 2013's a bit pricey,but a lot cheaper to shoot than 9mm or 40.Accurracy out of the box(pistol version) was phenominal @15 yds with various ammo.I'm getting a carbine soon too Great machine work and functionality

Nathan wrote:
March 20, 2012

Does the carbine have a lower rail for a foregrip?

David wrote:
January 17, 2012

I'm not feeling the love for the Umarex Uzi. For the kind of money that they're asking I can almost get one in 9mm. They need to bring that price point waaay down.