Stephanie Hayden's Message to Fans

If you watched the first season of "Sons of Guns" on the Discovery Channel you probably realized that it's as much about the personalities that work at Red Jacket Firearms as it is about the guns they create.

While NRA Publications may be full of hardcore firearms traditionalists, we're not completely immune to the lure of "reality" TV.  A few of us made a friendly wager behind closed doors as to whether Stephanie Hayden and RJF apprentice Kris Ford were dating (we're suckers for good relationship drama). If you watch the show you know why.

On a recent trip to Baton Rouge, Reality Shots got a chance to ask Stephanie the question fans have been wondering about. Online Hunting Editor Ben O'Brien was behind the camera, and by his reaction, it's obvious what he picked in this one-of-a-kind office pool.

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8 Responses to Stephanie Hayden's Message to Fans

Gabrial Daniels wrote:
September 29, 2012

I get a kick at how often you have to get your face in the scenes. You're not a rock star or even hot. Just an average office worker who happened to get 5 minutes of fame.

ruben wrote:
August 24, 2012

Hey, Stephanie i think you guys are The best i was thinking why dont you guys have a competition On who can build The cooles and bad to The bone Gun with american guns you know Gun smoke

Romerio Bruno wrote:
May 11, 2012

HI Stephanie I love watching your program since I'm a fan of weapons pity that here in Brazil does not have a program that longer follow-up alright you are very beautiful on television a hug and congratulations skin success.

Jack wrote:
March 21, 2012

I watch your show all the time and I think Kris did good on his girl,that's a complement.

collateral recovery agent wrote:
December 29, 2011

Will, my hat's off to you and your family. Your family value and morals are world class. I waa a dumb and picked up a felony 20 years ago or I would be on my way to purchuse one of your master pices. You are defently one of a special breed. Keep up the good work. And keep your eye on chris. Lol you'll have to put your boot in his ass, you might as well go ahead and get er done. Some people you can buy em books but they just dont learn. You know, dress em up but ya cant take em out. Thanks. Keep up the work

ken gholson jr wrote:
December 29, 2011

Stephanie, your father is a very intelegent man. I am 51 years old and.he has to be the coolest father in the world. You are blessed. P.s. Kick cris before your dad does. Lol

cal Jackson wrote:
October 20, 2011

I watch your show all the time and was wondering if you can do a double paint ball gun ?

Greg the Guide wrote:
October 10, 2011

I would like to invite you and your dad to my ranch its private ranch we do guided Hunts o have an idea I would like to share. Please done the interested