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This time of year typically sees an increase in robberies, as there are more people out, it gets dark earlier and almost everyone is in a hurry. Fortunately, there are simple things you can do to reduce your chances of becoming a victim. In other words: Slow down. 

Rushing through stores and into a parking lot while carrying numerous packages and on the cell phone planning dinner might save you minutes (fewer than five), but stress levels rise and safety decreases. In my opinion, multitasking to that level is just not worth it. If you’re stressed, you’re won’t be happy, and if you’re attacked, you really won’t be happy.

Before heading out for the parties, the dinners and the shopping that so many of us are involved in this time of year, make a commitment to stay safe by following these tips, and be sure to talk to your loved ones about this. Nobody wants to go to the hospital or funeral home over the holidays. And of course, these tips are useful year round.

•    Check your backseat before entering any vehicle.
•    Take a good look at anyone that is lingering in your vicinity, especially when headed to your car.
•    Listen to your inner voice. If something feels wrong, head back inside.
•    Look up often when loading packages into the car, as well as when attaching your seatbelt. The average person can move 10 yards (30 feet) in just a second or two.
•    Never walk to your car while using a cell phone, especially at night when vision is limited.

Your best strategy for staying safe is to make yourself a more difficult target so someone with bad intentions will think twice before deciding to victimize you.

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1 Response to Shopping Tips

Rick Wehrheim wrote:
December 12, 2012

A few more: -Try to shop during daylight hours -Shop with a friend or two -Park as close as possible to your entrance -At night, park in a well lighted area -Do not park next to a van or truck -Do not stop to give a stranger directions, help, etc. Keep moving. -Be as loud and rude as possible when the situation dictates -Keep your keys in hand and consider attaching a pepper spray device to the key ring. -If you decide to carry a defensive weapon of any sort, get information and training regarding its use and any legal restrictions. Merry Christmas y'all!