PMC Starfire

Do you remember Starfire hollow points? Starfires were popular for the rib-and-flute design, ensuring penetration and expansion, before disappearing from the market. To be honest, I haven’t thought about them in years, but representatives from PMC Ammunition visited the office to exhibit its products, and, to my surprise, the catalog showed the self-defense round originally designed by Tom Burczynski.

It’s now available again, along with a few other varieties of ammunition from PMC, including a line of hunting loads and a military-grade X-TAC rifle line. PMC has also come out with eRange and Frangible lines for training, and has expanded its popular Bronze FMJ loads.

PMC is getting back into the U.S. commercial market in a big way, and will soon be available in most of the big-box stores and online retailers, such as Cheaper Than Dirt. I’m really looking forward to running some Starfires through my Kimber, as I carried these loads back when they were available. How many remember Starfire hollow points, and would consider purchasing some for self-defense now that they are back?

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3 Responses to PMC Starfire

Craig wrote:
July 06, 2012

John, other than issues with reliability what more could you ask for...shred the evidence, so to speak!

MitchN60 wrote:
July 02, 2012

I've had boxes of Starfire in my gun cabinet for years. I have it in .38 Special +P, and in .45ACP. I'd like to see it in .454 Casull.

John wrote:
June 30, 2012

Not me that for sure, jacket separations and other bullet failures; just a poorly made round.