The New Stag Arms Model 3

Stag Arms President Mark Malkowski explains some of the features of the new Model 3 carbine, including a Diamondhead Versarail that's optics- and accessories-ready.

For additional information on the new Stag Arms Model 3 and its features, please visit the Stag Arms website.


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2 Responses to The New Stag Arms Model 3

Jason Babarsky wrote:
December 27, 2011

I bought this gun and love it put a 3X9 scope with a red dot above it and shoots GREAT my only BUT is the same as above the mag should be black and one mag isn't enough

Ken Little wrote:
April 02, 2011

yo have asked for my interests and to let "STAG" us know, Well how about your STAG 15 model 3, I just purchase one about 4:30 pm today. I when in to buy sure-fire batteries and when I saw your rifle and pick it up I loved it. If it shoots as goods as it feels I'll be a happy customer. BUT: Whats up with the gray magazine and only supplying one with the rifle. Don't get it, should at be at lease 2 -3 Mag's. If you have spare accessories I love to take them off your hands.