Mossberg's Turkey Thug Shotgun Line

Mossberg is stepping up its efforts to serve turkey hunters everywhere this year with the new Turkey Thug line of shotguns. There will be four models offered which come complete with the Lightning Pump Action trigger system, adjustable fiber optic sights and an engraving on the reciever that reads "Turkey THUG Series."

The shotguns will be exclusively featured on Mossy Oak’s Turkey Thug show in 2011-12, which airs on the Pursuit Channel. The unconventional name may be a shock to some, but Mossberg contends that this gun performs flawlessly in the field. We'll be testing that notion this Spring.

Turkey Thug

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1 Response to Mossberg's Turkey Thug Shotgun Line

Jules wrote:
June 26, 2012

A fantastic gun for harvesting thunder chickens!