Kel-Tec RMR-30

Although it was announced last year, Kel-Tec is nearly ready to start shipping the new RMR-30 .22 Mag. rifle. This long gun features the same grip and fire controls of the popular PMR-30 pistol. The rifle also uses the same innovative pie-wedge 30-round magazines as the pistol, allowing for both ammunition and magazine compatibility.

The RMR-30 rifle features an adjustable stock, Picatinny rails for optics and lasers, and an unloaded weight of just 4 pounds. The 16-inch barrel is threaded to accept muzzle accessories like flash hiders and sound suppressors.

Kel-Tec RMR 30

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32 Responses to Kel-Tec RMR-30

Douglas Damico wrote:
August 24, 2014

i know where 2 ksg are and 1 pmr 30. i also just bought 3 mags for mine and they have more.its a great pistol. and shoots a nice tight group.

Dave wrote:
July 15, 2014

I toured the Kel-Tec plant last winter and spend the winters near by. They had just completed purchasing approximately 20 acres to expand their operation. Volume should increase in the near future for those of you wanting their product. Be patient, help is on the way.

ray wrote:
May 14, 2014

I own a pmr 30 took 6 months to get to me I was laughed at asking how long it would take but I got one can't find magazines for shit thou but I'm happy I don't think I can find a rmr30

Mark Kowal wrote:
November 27, 2013

Have the PLR-16, Sub2000 (40) and the PMR-30. All quite fun to shoot. Had a few issues with the PLR-16 when I first go it and returned it to Kel-Tec. They promptly fixed it and returned it to me. A class act! Would like to see about getting the RMR-30. I enjoy this company.

Mason wrote:
September 22, 2013

Didn't even know about this one until running into it just now while perusing pics/PMR pics & info. Surprisingly, while I've not seen the pistol listed in-stock, ever, I saw one of these for a mere $390 a couple min ago. Maybe I'll buy one to play with whilst I sit on the next waiting list..!

Daniel wrote:
July 25, 2013

Love there ideas ...the looks of almost all there guns ... The usefulness top notch but let's be honest ...they don't make guns they make ideas and create want in our sacks ... But as for selling guns no sir not kel tec ... Seeing a su16 or pmr 30 or anything other then a base model pistol of keltec in any gun shop is like seeing big foot dancing with Barbra bush in the middle of time square

Chris wrote:
March 16, 2013

Let's face facts here folks, Kel-Tec is not a company that can deliver product in any realistic quantity. They are innovative, have geat ideas and make cool stuff. I have one of their pistols and think it's terrific. But if you want one of their more cutting edge items, either pile up some serious dollars or set back for a long wait. Kel-Tec just does not prove itself capable of meeting demand for more than their basic pistols. I think Kel-Tec is great, but a whole lot of anticipation without fulfillment makes them look like a software company instead of a gun company.

Wayne wrote:
February 22, 2013

Got my PMR 30 a few months ago and was not disappointed. This is one great gun. About to buy Sub2000 9mm and waiting for the RMR 22 mag. rifle. Can't wait.

J.R. wrote:
February 21, 2013


Tim wrote:
February 13, 2013

I don't believe there are any pmr 30's or rmr 30's. It's just a myth like the easterbunny and santa claus!,,hahhahahha! great joke there KelTec!!!

Jacob burns wrote:
January 30, 2013

The kel tec semi auto 22 magnum will it be available any more in the near future. I would have no problem passing any background check but I'm worried new gun laws or assault weapons ban would make it unavailable for the foreseeable future. What can you tell me

Will wrote:
January 25, 2013

Neat. I was wondering when someone would build a domestic HK MP7 clone out of 22 WMR. The funny thing is with the 16" barrel the 22 WMR almost matches the 4.6x30mm for ballistics. Wonder if Kel Tec would rechamber it in the HK round. Would require a lot of work to rechamber it in 4.6, since the MP7 is gas operated while I imagine this rifle is a blow back design. Personelly I would prefer it in the FN 5.7x28 round - Better ballistics than the 4.6x30, already available in loaded ammo and reloanding components, design it to use FN fiveseven pistol mags, and the 5.7x28 works fine as a blow back in the PS90.

William wrote:
November 10, 2012

Kel-Tec told me they make their guns in groups. They'll do a run of one type, like a SUB, then switch over and make something else. So, if they make 1000 PMR's in a month, then it'll be when they finish making 1000 of each of the other weapons they manufacture until they make the PMR again. The '1000' is a number I made up. I have no idea how many they make on a run. They may do a few weapons at a time before they switch over, but the point is, once they make a run, that particular gun isn't made again until they finish with the rest of the line. I'm guessing if they had a larger factory with more people, they could make them all at once and do it year round, but they don't. As to why distributors hold on to them once they receive them, I can't tell you that. Maybe they're waiting to see how big the demand is before pricing them so they can jack up their profit margin. I paid about $150 more for my SUB2000, but I didn't want to wait. It was my choice and I don't regret it.

Keelstone wrote:
October 20, 2012

Guys if you may recall back in the early 70's S&W was in the same situation with the Model 29 revolver. They had no idea how the market would react and I sense the same with Kel Tec. I have two Kel Tec products and they work as was intended. I should also point out that they have very good technical service support as has been my experience. KS

KennyM wrote:
September 19, 2012

I hope this gun operates better than the PMR-30.

Your NameBill W. wrote:
July 14, 2012

Comments...I have been waiting for a PMR for months, had to do same for SU16ca! It was worth it! Hate waiting for pistol, now have to wait for RMR. O well, good things come to those that wait or so they say!

EricT wrote:
June 27, 2012

What would you rather have, a gun now or a great gun later? The reasons for the wait was after the release they determind the the barrels were breaking down sooner then they thought. So being the company that has a life time warranty on all thier guns, stopped production and had to rework thier product. So give them a break. I am waiting for the rmr-30 release.

eric wrote:
June 12, 2012

I agree boycott keltec. I have been trying to buy a pmr for 2 years, found a couple online for $700-800. With such a shortage on the pmr why make something else you cant supply. Also has anyone seen a KSG?

STEVEN wrote:
June 09, 2012

Rob, where did you order your RMR 30 from?

Rob wrote:
June 04, 2012

just bought one! wait-listed for 3 months and finally here! purchased for 315

Todd wrote:
April 30, 2012

I must have a RMR 30 or I will DIE! I want one right now!!!

Joe wrote:
April 30, 2012

I've seen and fired a friends PMR-30, it's a fun pistol. As for the waiting issues... people need to just sack up, get on a waiting list or stop whining. If it's something you'll whine about waiting for, you probably weren't serious about buying it in the first place, so kick rocks while the rest of us get in line and go about our lives until our local FFL gives us a call and we actually enjoy the weapons.

Doug wrote:
April 23, 2012

Hey - Don't like their marketing - buy something else. Still a free country ---- temporarily.

Daniel wrote:
April 03, 2012

Duwayne is absolutely rite I have onley seen one once and should have purchased it then this is Rediculous and I refuse to pay over 350.00 for a pmr -30 I have personally e-mailed kel tec multiple times and the assure me they are shipping to distributors so what are these so called distributors doing with them? Gunbroker any one hahhaha true though and they make a 300.00 to 400.00 dollar profit off of them

Joe wrote:
March 29, 2012

I agree with Duwayne.... The KSG ...Pmr 30...Sub2000....Thanks Kel Tec for nothing. Hire some more workers god knows theres plenty of them out there and fill the orders.

DuWayne wrote:
February 17, 2012

Why would anyone start building rifles when there is such a backlog on the PMR 30 that gunshops want you to put your name on a waiting list. Why doesn't the company use the manufacturing space to fill back orders of the pistol instaed of making a rifle. I think a total boycot of anything Keltec might help everyone

John wrote:
February 17, 2012

While difficult to find a PMR, it is not impossible to find. I purchased mine about 4 months ago for $399 from a local dealer. Can't wait for the RMR to start shipping.

Ed wrote:
January 27, 2012

The telescoping stock and threaded barrel make it illegal for sale in CT. Here's hoping for a version without the threaded barrel and with the stock locked to go with my PMR 30.

Jim wrote:
January 27, 2012

Reeal nice, but like John said below, will probably be 5 years before one is actually available for purchase. Have only seen a PMR-30 in stock at a shop one time since they came out, and the price was $800 (so much for the $415 MSRP).

Bob wrote:
January 26, 2012

This makes sense the .22 mag is loaded to perform in a rifle platform with this you will get all the .22 mag has to offer.

Mike Mccloud wrote:
January 26, 2012

I had read in a test of the PMR Pistol, that Kel-Tec was going away from the 1 in 9 " twist as being to fast & resulting in keyholing at the target. Have they not done this for the pistol, & now the rifle also ? Why not ?

John wrote:
January 26, 2012

Hopefully it will be just as easy to find and buy as the PMR 30. HAHA NOT! Try shipping a few to dealers so they don't just laugh at you when you ty to buy one.