SIG Sauer P938-22

SIG Sauer's single-action P938 9 mm has seen plenty of success since its introduction, and now SIG is offering its fans a chance to own that very same platform, but in .22LR.

The P938-22 Rosewood offers all the features of its larger-caliber brothers, but chambered in the common .22LR cartridge. With a 10-round magazine, the Rosewood features SIGLITE night sights, rosewood grips and a durable Nitron finish.

Owners of the standard P938, meanwhile, will be able to purchase one of two conversion uppers. The conversion kit contains a Nitron finished slide, 3.3" rimfire barrel and 10-round magazine. A 4.1" "long-slide" conversion features adjustable contrast sights and an increased sight radius.

Get a closer look at the P938-22 in the video embedded below.

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5 Responses to SIG Sauer P938-22

Bruce Jarrell wrote:
July 25, 2014

BE CAREFUL OF THIS ONE: Just bought one of these little pistols. Wanted a cheaper practice gun for my P938 9mm. Having a bit of an accuracy problem with the 9mm. Love the P938 9mm take down is simple and requires NO SPECIAL TOOLS. The P938 .22LR that I just bought shoots really well and actually helps my accuracy on the 9mm version by shooting the .22LR first then the 9mm. BUT this is not the same gun as the P938 9mm for take down and disassembly. Sig Sauer includes a very very small allen like bent pin that is REQUIRED to be inserted into the recoil rod before one can remove the recoil rod and the barrel on the P938 .22LR. Very annoying. Can't understand why an engineer would change the easy straight forward disassembly of the P938 9mm and opt for this kludge on the P938 .22LR. So if you purchase a P938 .22LR and are out for a day of shooting don't forget this tiny (less than 2 inches long) thin little wire in case you have a malfunction because without it you will not be able to disassemble the weapon. It is still a nice gun shoots great, but engineering gets a 'D' grade for maintenance and I think that is generous.

Clarence Buck wrote:
January 28, 2014

Sure would like to have a new 22LR Pistol, but am having a hell of a time finding any 22 ammo. I can get all kinds of .17 but 22 is almost non available in our area.

Butch Brune wrote:
January 17, 2014

Alan, The Sig P938 shoots like it is a bigger weapon than it really is. It has less muzzle flip than my Springfield EMP and is very accurate. I look forward to seeing the new 22 conversion kits for this weapon.

Rod wrote:
January 17, 2014

Alan, Alan, no plastic on this one. I have a 938 and it's very easy to shoot with very manageable recoil.

Alan wrote:
January 16, 2014

Oh ya, yet another plastic kidding. Seems like a nice setup I especially like the 4 inch target slide. If I understand correctly you can have one frame but a 9x19, a 22LR and a 22LR target slides. I would love to see this in 22 Rem Mag instead, I don't know there could be design limitations though. But 8 to 10 shots of FTX 22 mags in this would be awesome. I can imagine the recoil on that with the 9x19 must be a hand full.