SIG Sauer P938-22

SIG Sauer's single-action P938 9 mm has seen plenty of success since its introduction, and now SIG is offering its fans a chance to own that very same platform, but in .22LR.

The P938-22 Rosewood offers all the features of its larger-caliber brothers, but chambered in the common .22LR cartridge. With a 10-round magazine, the Rosewood features SIGLITE night sights, rosewood grips and a durable Nitron finish.

Owners of the standard P938, meanwhile, will be able to purchase one of two conversion uppers. The conversion kit contains a Nitron finished slide, 3.3" rimfire barrel and 10-round magazine. A 4.1" "long-slide" conversion features adjustable contrast sights and an increased sight radius.

Get a closer look at the P938-22 in the video embedded below.

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4 Responses to SIG Sauer P938-22

Clarence Buck wrote:
January 28, 2014

Sure would like to have a new 22LR Pistol, but am having a hell of a time finding any 22 ammo. I can get all kinds of .17 but 22 is almost non available in our area.

Butch Brune wrote:
January 17, 2014

Alan, The Sig P938 shoots like it is a bigger weapon than it really is. It has less muzzle flip than my Springfield EMP and is very accurate. I look forward to seeing the new 22 conversion kits for this weapon.

Rod wrote:
January 17, 2014

Alan, Alan, no plastic on this one. I have a 938 and it's very easy to shoot with very manageable recoil.

Alan wrote:
January 16, 2014

Oh ya, yet another plastic kidding. Seems like a nice setup I especially like the 4 inch target slide. If I understand correctly you can have one frame but a 9x19, a 22LR and a 22LR target slides. I would love to see this in 22 Rem Mag instead, I don't know there could be design limitations though. But 8 to 10 shots of FTX 22 mags in this would be awesome. I can imagine the recoil on that with the 9x19 must be a hand full.