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SnapSafe Announces Modular Gun Safe

SnapSafe modular gun safes offer multiple placement options previously unheard of with conventional safes.


SnapSafe, manufacturer of gun safes and protection products, has announced its modular gun safe line, designed to take the hassle out of safe placement while offering exceptional protection of valuables.

The SnapSafe modular gun safes eliminate the effort, hassle and expense of moving a traditional safe by coming in pieces, each light enough to carry. After tightening the Kwik-Lock system bolts and assembling the unit, the safe provides the strength and integrity of a welded safe, but since each piece can move individually, none of the fatigue. To make sure valuables remain secure, the
SnapSafe can't be disassembled while assembled and closed.

SnapSafe units offer up to 1 full hour of 2300 degree fire shielding and the dead bolt doors can't be removed, even if the hinges are cut off.

For additional information on the SnapSafe range of gun safes, please visit the SnapSafe website.

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2 Responses to SnapSafe Announces Modular Gun Safe

Patrick wrote:
May 17, 2014

Nice write up Mark. I will look elsewhere.

Mark wrote:
March 30, 2014

I bought an XL some time ago. The main reason I chose this brand was it being a modular safe, it was going in an upstairs bedroom. There are Pros and Cons to this. Communication was great, couldn't ask for better customer service. When it arrived it was brought right to my garage door. Unpacking was straight forward and very well done. Every panel was easy to take upstairs by myself except for the front and rear panels, along with the door. Assembly is a simple process but I had troubles with the fireproof blankets staying in place. Maybe I did something wrong but they were a real BEAR! They never did completely cover the inside walls. My fear is that with the blankets leaving gaps it seems the 'fireproofing' has been comprimised? The panels fit very tight and can be a bit of a pain getting them into place, but once they are in, it looks great. Door drops into place easily as well. The lock seems to be fine and was very easy to program. I have troubles keeping the heat gaskets around the door in place. They won't stay stuck. Every time I open the safe, the strips fall loose or off completely. I'll have to glue these on some how. Also, when the assembly labels were removed, they left a very nasty residue behind. I tried GooGone and Goof Off, but neither worked. I tried Denatured alcohol, a mild cleaner/de-greaser, it started to remove the black paint. So my guess is that these safes arent a baked on or enamel finish. All and all its a good safe and protects my weapons from theft should I be robbed, which was the main reason I purchased a safe. But I'm concerned about how well it would do in a fire. Thats something I hope I'll never find out. Bottom line, would I buy this again or recommend it to a friend....... probably not, and honestly, I wish that wasn't my answer. I really want to recommend this safe but the most I'd say is it's 'O.K.'.