Remington Announces New Versa Max Shotgun

New autoloading shotgun features VersaPort gas system and comes in black and Mossy Oak.


Remington has officially announced the newest addition to its autoloading shotgun line in the form of the Remington Versa Max shotgun.

The Versa Max's most important addition is its VersaPort gas system, featuring seven ports and two pistons designed to soften recoil and reduce maintenance by contracting the number of parts. The VersaPort system allows the Versa Max to reliably cycle 2 3/4-inch to 3 1/2-inch shells.

The Versa Max also has a host of comfort- and function-related features, including overmolded grips, an anodized aluminum receiver, Teflon-plated gas system components, nickel-plated springs, a SuperCell recoil pad, adjustable length of pull spacer kit, adjustable drop, interchangable padded cheek comb and HiViz sights.

The current configurations are offered with a 28-inch barrel in black synthetic or Mossy Oak Duck Blind camouflage, with 26-inch barreled versions in either black synthentic or Realtree AP camouflage to be introduced shortly.

MSRP is $1399-$1599. For more information, visit the Remington Versa Max product page.

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1 Response to Remington Announces New Versa Max Shotgun

Marco wrote:
August 18, 2010

If it is as 'good' as the Remington CT105 II auto-loader I would stay away from it. I had one and had nothing but problems with it. Failure to cycle, failure to extract, jams necessitating a complete tear down of a loaded gun at the range etc. As it was still under warranty I contacted Remington and sent it back to their Canadian agent; Gravel Agency. They confirmed it was defective and promised me a new one from their inventory. 2 days later I got a call that Remington had discontinued the model and that they could not locate a replacement in Canada. They did find 18 in the US, but they all suffered from the same problem... To make things "right" they offered me a replacement gun of 1/2 the value I paid for my CT105 ($700 versus $ 1369 to be precise). When I protested they simply repeated the offer. When I got really mad they wanted to give the merchant I bought the gun from an in-store credit. I countered that the warranty agreement was between me and Remington, not the merchant and that I did not want to be limited to whatever the merchant decided to carry or battle them to get my money back. Finally, after threatening to sue them, Remington "rethought its position" and promised to refund me the purchase price. I am still waiting for my money and will not spend it on another unproven Remington product backed by poor customer support.