LaserLyte Offers Trainer Cartridges

Caliber-specific laser training cartridges can be used for malfunction drills or dry-fire practice.


LaserLyte has announced three caliber-specific laser training cartridges in 9 mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP to practice and train almost anywhere. The new laser training cartridges fit inside any pistol chamber of matching caliber. When the firing pin-activated switch is hit, the cartridge shines a red laser for 100 milliseconds to indicate where bullet impact would be.

The modified cartridge that houses the laser components is rimless, so it won't be expelled during dry firing, and allows it to be used for malfunction drill training. The battery life on the laser training cartridge is approximately 3,000 shots.

For additional information, please visit the LaserLyte Laser Training Cartridge product page.

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