New iPhone App Displays FFL Dealers in Your Area

User-friendly interface and comprehensive directory of GunSpot make it easy to find addresses of Federal Firearms License holders in your area.


Application developer Gun eTools has recently announced its first foray into the shooting-industry/mobile programming world with GunSpot, an application for the iPhone designed to help you find any and all FFLs nearby.

GunSpot takes advantage of the iPhone's mobile-locating ability and allows you to search by name, city, zip code or current location to locate an FFL near you. Once locating one, it allows you to very easily import their information to your contacts, call them, map a trip to them, or e-mail that information to a friend. Its list price is $9.99.

To download the application for your iPhone, visit the iPhone App Store's listing for GunSpot. To see GunSpot in action, watch the Gun eTools video demo.

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1 Response to New iPhone App Displays FFL Dealers in Your Area

David wrote:
April 25, 2013

Please make a Windows based app. Not all of us are drinking the Apple koolaid.