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Federal Offers "Premium Moments" Sweepstakes

Federal's "Premium Moments" sweepstakes will give one lucky winner a Federal Prize Pack worth $1,000 in gear and more.


As part of its recently launched "Premium Moments" campaign, Federal Premium Ammunition is now hosting a sweepstakes on its Facebook page where you can enter to win a Federal Prize Pack worth $1,000 in gear and more!

To enter, simply visit and "like" Federal's Facebook page. You could be the lucky winner!

To find out more about Federal Premium Ammunition, go to

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2 Responses to Federal Offers "Premium Moments" Sweepstakes

Mack M wrote:
December 01, 2011

Federal was the first ammo I ever shot! It was a box of .22 Long Rifle. I was with some friends I think. the little .22 cartridges had an F on the back if I remember correctly. I didn't know what it meant at the time... Years later I have a few firearms myself and I am surprised when I realize that Federal makes high quality loaded ammunition. Federal also has an affordable line of ammo at WalMart in our most favoritest calibers! So naturally it Federal rocks. Now Federal ain't the only manufacturer out there that is of quality, but it's my favorite loaded :D

Jesus R. Camacho wrote:
November 24, 2011

Love there ammunition! I shoot nothing else. In my m&p15, sig220, mossberg500, mossberg 702 tactical and so on. Nothing but the best in my firearms.