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American Rifleman TV Schedule: September 2012

Teddy Roosevelt's personal collection, the Beretta Nano and the new Smith & Wesson M&P Shield all make an appearance on American Rifleman TV this September.


September brings the conclusion of the Teddy Roosevelt feature and more to American Rifleman TV. Tune in to learn about Hornady's innovative .17 Hornady, the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, the Colt Mustang pistol and more!

American Rifleman TV airs at 10 p.m. Wednesday nights on the Outdoor Channel.

Wednesday, Sept. 5
- Feature: Theodore Roosevelt & His Guns, Part II
- Rifleman Review: Beretta Nano Pistol
- IHTOG: French MAS 1938 Submachine Gun

Wednesday, Sept. 12
- Feature: Hornady's .17 Hornet
- Rifleman Review: Smith & Wesson's M&P Shield 9 mm
- IHTOG: Baby Browning Pistol

Wednesday, Sept. 19
- Feature: Making The SIG Sauer P224 Pistol
- Rifleman Review: Colt Mustang Pistol
- IHTOG: Remington Model 700 Rifle

Looking for more American Rifleman TV episodes? Check out the entire 2010 season, right here on AmericanRifleman.org.

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1 Response to American Rifleman TV Schedule: September 2012

Shawn Milton wrote:
December 02, 2012

Gotta have one .Looking foreward to seeing it in a store near me!!!!