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American Rifleman TV Schedule: July 2012

Gunsite, the Remington VersaMax, Ruger's 10/22 Takedown, an Uzi chambered in .22 LR and more will be featured on American Rifleman TV in July.


Gunsite, the Seven-Barrel Nock Volley Gun, Ruger's 10/22 Takedown and much more make an appearance this July, as American Rifleman TV returns with all-new episodes! Join Mark Keefe and the rest of the American Rifleman staff as they bring you some of the latest and greatest firearms from throughout the industry.

American Rifleman TV airs at 10 p.m. Wednesday nights on the Outdoor Channel.

Wednesday, July 4
- Feature: The Gunsite Way
- Rifleman Review: Remington VersaMax Tactical
- IHTOG: Nock Volley Gun

Wednesday, July 11
- Feature: The .300 Whisper
- Rifleman Review: Uzi .22 Rifle
- IHTOG: Colt 1860 Revolver

Wednesday, July 18
- Feature: Single-Action Self-Defense
- Rifleman Review: Smith & Wesson M&P Model 340 Revolver
- IHTOG: Winchester Model 1895 in .405 Win.

Wednesday, July 25
- Feature: M16: 50 Years of America's Combat Rifle
- Rifleman Review: Ruger 10/22 Takedown Carbine
- IHTOG: German MP 18 & 28 Submachine Guns

Looking for more American Rifleman TV episodes? Check out the entire 2010 season, right here on AmericanRifleman.org.

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