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American Rifleman TV Schedule: August 2012

The American Rifleman TV crew looks back at 50 years of the M16 and meet the firearms of one of America's legends this August.


August 2012 comes complete with five Wednesdays, and the American Rifleman TV crew is making the most of it—tune in for a chance to see some of the finest firearms ever constructed, past and present, including some of those that were wielded by former President and Roughrider Teddy Roosevelt.

American Rifleman TV airs at 10 p.m. Wednesday nights on the Outdoor Channel.

Wednesday, Aug. 1
- Feature: 50 Years of the M16: M16A2 & M4
- Rifleman Review: LaserLyte Laser Trainers
- IHTOG: Civil War Enfield Rifles

Wednesday, Aug. 8
- Feature: Making the Weatherby Mark V
- Rifleman Review: Ruger American Rifle
- IHTOG: Smith & Wesson Centennial Revolver

Wednesday, Aug. 15
- Feature: 50 Years of the M16: AR-15, M16 & M16A1
- Rifleman Review: Ruger 10/22 Takedown
- IHTOG: German MP 18 & 28

Wednesday, Aug. 22
- Feature: Hornady's .17 Hornet
- Rifleman Review: Smith & Wesson's M&P Shield 9 mm
- IHTOG: Baby Browning Pistol

Wednesday, Aug. 29
- Feature: Theodore Roosevelt & His Guns, Pt. 1
- Rifleman Review: Crimson Trace LaserGuard and LightGuard
- IHTOG: Winchester Model 1897 "Trench" Gun

Looking for more American Rifleman TV episodes? Check out the entire 2010 season, right here on AmericanRifleman.org.

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1 Response to American Rifleman TV Schedule: August 2012

Bob Z wrote:
August 22, 2012

I watched the Aug.22nd episode about the .17 Hornet..The video of the P-dog being blown away also shows alot of dust rising up.The exact same video then appears in the .300 whisper story..I think a fast one is being pulled here..Right now I'm not even sure that either of those calibers was used to shoot the P-Dog..