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In 1967 Sturm, Ruger & Co. made the first of its M77 center-fire rifles that remained in full production until 1991. They have now been supplanted in Ruger's line by the evolutionary M77 Mark IIs that have a three-position safety selector mounted beside the bolt sleeve in lieu of the M77's tang safety.

The M77 received enthusiastic acceptance on the market, soon taking its place along with the other "7"s, Winchester's Model 70 and Remington's Model 700. Clean, classic lines did nothing to slow down sales.

While generally based on the Mauser Model 98 principles of dual opposing lugs on the head of a one-peice bolt body and an external claw extractor, the M77 has many features that are distinctly non-98.

Among these innovations are the extensive use of investment casting (including bolt and receiver); the angled front mounting screw, a fully adjustable trigger, a swaged-in-place bolt guide lug and, of course, the centrally located, sliding tang safety...

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1 Response to Ruger M77 Rifle Exploded View

TrentMills wrote:
July 15, 2012

Just purchased M77 and shot my first 20 rounds. I like the safety. After you shoot the safety cannot be returned to safe without first ejecting the cartridge. I find that very useful to know. In the event of a misfire, the gun can only eject the cartridge which seems logical to me. I put on a new Nikon 6x18 Buckmaster and this seems like a good combination. I have invested less than $1,000 and so far very happy with the combo. I could have spent a lot more money the but coyotes and groundhogs will never know the difference. I think that if I had seen that my gun had two upgrades to it, I may have not bought the gun so in a way I am pleased that I missed this article. My very first rifle was a Mauser 98 that I bought at a gun show. I replaced the stock and generally fixed it up (30 years ago). This gun is from my generation and even though there are many more generations of improvements, I think that 60's people are still the best and so are the guns from that era.