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An AR Plinking Good Time

Smith & Wesson’s M&P 15-22 Rifle.

Right now, AR-style rifles are all the rage. Since 2004, the AR-rifle market has exploded as many companies have introduced semi-auto versions of Eugene Stoner's renowned rifle—the M16.

The recent popularity of AR rifles stems from a variety of factors: Rumors of a ban, their versatility for both hunting and self defense, and because they're cool and fun to shoot. The only problem with ARs is they eat ammunition, which can put a strain on the wallet.

One way to lower plinking costs is to replace the upper receiver with a conversion kit. Conversion kits allow the use of .22 LR cartridges, but require keeping up with separate uppers and magazines, and they don't function completely like a true AR. The most noticeable difference is that the slide does not lock back on an empty magazine. Another option that can curtail your plinking expenses is the Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 rifle.

The M&P 15-22 rifle was built on Smith & Wesson's M&P15 format from the ground up, not as a scaled-down version of the popular 5.56x45 NATO. In building a dedicated .22 on the AR-platform, Smith & Wesson has created a .22 rifle that feels and shoots like its M&P15 tactical rifle, especially when combined with Trijicon's ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsights) and RMR (Ruggedized Miniature Reflex) sights.

Built with a polymer upper and lower, the M&P 15-22 is lightaround 5.5 poundsrugged and sleek with its four-sided Picatinny rail for mounting accessories, six-position stock and dual-aperture post sights. It has many of the features of a tricked-out AR tactical rifle, but is light enough for easy all-day carry on small game hunts for squirrels, rabbits or prairie dogs. It's also really fun to shoot in informal training exercises in an attempt to get to know this tactical-looking .22 rifle.

The M&P 15-22 pointed easily and with its 25-round magazine, chewed through ammunition. It was so easy to send multiple rounds downrange that one shot just never seemed enough.

Other than a familiarization and sighting session at the range with a group of gun writers, I only had an afternoon of exclusive time with the new Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22. I decided to make the most of my time by seeing how many rounds I could put through it in my own private torture test. To pass, the rifle had to be accurate, fast and reliable.

To start, I had to make sure it would hit where I aimed it and familiarize myself with the ACOG scope reticle. This didn't take long. Sighted for zero at 50 yards, the 15-22/ACOG combination worked well on short to medium-long shots on small targets, and follow up shots were rapid due to the non-existent recoil and fast acquisition reticle. At the range, I put 10 rounds into a grouping just barely larger than a quarter, and emptying the 25-round magazine at the target produced a grouping just a little bit larger.

Reliability has always been a factor for .22 rifles, mostly due to the rimfire primer in the ammunition, which is less reliable but much cheaper than a center-fire round. The M&P 15-22 performed admirably while in my hands. There was discussion among the writers and guides whether the CCI or Federal ammunition worked better in the M&P 15-22, but I didn't notice a major difference with only three misfirestwo with CCI and one with Federaland no feed failures.

However, I did notice over the two days spent with Spur Outfitters that a few thousand rounds ran down the barrel of the M&P 15-22 by a group of shooters with each having only a minuscule number of misfires and malfunctions. Smith & Wesson's M&P 15-22 is accurate, fast, reliable and fun to shoot, which means it passed the test.

Manufacturer: Smith & Wesson; (800) 331-0852; Smith-Wesson.com
Model: M&P 15-22
Caliber: .22 LR
Magazine: 25 round
Action: Blow back semi-auto
Overall Length: 33.75" extended, 30.5" collapsed
Stock: Six position CAR
Sight Radius: 15.5"
Barrel Length: 16"
Barrel Material
: 4140 steel
Barrel Twist: 1:16"
Weight: 5.5 lbs. (without magazine)
Trigger Pull: 7 lbs.
Upper and Lower Material: Polymer
Finish: Matte black
Front Sight: Adjustable A2 post
Rear Sight: Adjustable Dual aperture
Suggested Retail Price: $499

Be sure to check out how the M&P 15-22 fires by watching the Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 video on YouTube.


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86 Responses to An AR Plinking Good Time

DRT wrote:
April 22, 2013

I've had mine for a year and love it. Too much fun. I mounted a Redfield 3-9X 52mm scope on it paired with a holographic sight on a 45 degree mount. Awesome set-up.

sky wrote:
April 08, 2013

The S&W Mp-15-22 may just be the best .22 caliber rifle ever built. VERY reliable.

normandy wrote:
April 03, 2013

I would like one when the gun ban paranoia prices come down but in Liberal Fascist California you can only buy 10 round mags even for a plinker!

Ray wrote:
March 09, 2013

I was hestitant to buy the AR15-22, once I bought one, took it out and shoot it, it was like shooting the most expensive rifle in the world, not only cheap to shoot, but fun, its one of the best rifles in my gun case I look forward to shooting with, you got to get one

donald greene wrote:
March 05, 2013

what is the best chep scope i can use on my s/w/ ar 15 mp 22 cal

gary wrote:
February 26, 2013

andres do not try 22 mag ammo in a 22lr! wont chamber anyway but some folks are good with a hammer!

Andy wrote:
February 18, 2013

I bought my first s&w ar 15 22 a year ago. Since then my boss and two other friends bought one. It is so fun and cheap to shoot. I love mine so much that I bought a second one to give to my daughter because I'm tired of fighting her for mine!

Anders wrote:
February 14, 2013

Cci ammo works great in mp. Has any one tried 22mag ammo or is it even recamended?

Shawn L Powell wrote:
February 08, 2013

Will an ar 15 - 223/5.56 upper attach to a 15-22 lower i am curious if the loweres are all standered mil spec lowers except for polymer .

Mike wrote:
February 01, 2013

I have had this rifle for over a year. Magpul Angled fore grip, grip and stock. Single point sling, UTG weapon light and a Eotec holo sight. Have put well over 15000 rounds thru it. No kidding... My favorite rifle... More fun than my 5.56 AR and my AK-47... I have found that Winchester pro, Winchester and Federal work the best. CCI are not bad but cost more. This gun is bad ass!!!

zombie_dad wrote:
February 01, 2013

I grabbed the Moe version under a year ago and have put well over 10k rounds through with maybe a total of 10 jams (most of which came from the one box of rem ammo I ever got) I absolutely love and trust this plinker and can't wait to send thousands more rounds down the range.

Ginger wrote:
January 27, 2013

Got my gun a few days ago and it shoots great...only problem is that I am having a hard time finding extra magazines for it....does anyone have any ideals....

Elijah wrote:
January 23, 2013

This gun uses MAGAZINES, not clips! Also - READ THE MANUAL. I saw one person here said he spent the same amount of money finding ammo that worked as he spent on the gun. Duhhh... the manual tells you what to use and what NOT TO USE. Seems like maybe some people that have guns should not. Never thought I'd say that...

Steve wrote:
January 18, 2013

I have a BSA Sweet 22 3-9x40 yardage adjustable scope for up to 175yrds on mine with a UTG 1" Riser. Great gun for varmits and paper. 36gr. CCI mini mags for plinking, and 40 gr. CCI Velocitors for the varmits.

Jane wrote:
January 08, 2013

Had mine a couple of months, and it is a very accurate and fun gun. Just added a Center Point 4-16 zoom adjustable objective scope we had on hand, and it's even more fun.

Jack wrote:
December 29, 2012

If you want a threaded barrel then get the M&P 15-22 MOE version. That version has a flash suppressor on the front, making it truly look like an AR.

John wrote:
December 28, 2012

I bought one and I shoot at dogs alot. I love it

James Heath wrote:
December 24, 2012

Can you get your barrel threaded on it

Anthony from pennsylvania wrote:
December 23, 2012

I bought this rifle on thursday and have to say it was well worth the $$ i paid for it. i know a dealer so he sold it to me alot cheaper than the $550 everyone wants lol... I bout a reflex sight along with a tactical sling and bottomhand grip. looks amazing once i put it all on. shoots extremely accurate, and FAST!! recommend buy a couple extra mags too... personally i only shoot blazer LR cci ammo in it, or federal LR cci... just is a cleaner round to shoot so udont have to worry about buildup as much. definately recommend for anyone looking to get an AR format rifle before they are gone. I can go on all day about this rifle but i dont want to ruin all the surprise for you...

Gary wrote:
December 22, 2012

Had this rifle for about a year now and have nothing but good to say. I've put roughly 2500 rounds through it and frankly, it's hard to remember any failures. The ones I can I'd chalk up to bad ammo. Agreed on the CCI ammo, never had a problem. Also agree on the Remington- I'd stay away. Put a Burris red dot on it from my Bushmaster. Now I have to buy a new red dot as it's staying on the 15-22. I've zeroed it in to 25, 50 and 100 yards when playing with the red dot and the gun performs flawlessly. Put 25 within poker chip size from 100 yards after a mag or two. After that it was a piece of cake. Looks great, easily customized with anything you can do to a .223, ammo's cheap and it's a cinch to clean/disassemble. Someone commented on the open-sided mags earlier; I haven't had a problem and I've had this thing in the snow, dust and brush many times. Absolutely recommend. The only problem is that whenever we go to shoot, everyone wants to play with the M&P.

Steve wrote:
December 20, 2012

Magpul flip up sites are awesome they run you about $100 or you can find a good scope or aimpoint.

Dickie wrote:
December 19, 2012

Finally bought one, I'm completely satisfied with it. I put 4 differnt types of ammo through it the first day: Fed Auto Mag, Win expert HV, CCI AR22 and CCI Stingers. 250 rounds and not one malfunction. It seemed to like the Stingers and the CCI AR ammo the best. It fed everything I put in it though. The Win Expert HV shot OK groups, but wow that is some dirty stuff. The fun factor of this gun is off the charts for a 22! Kudos to S&W on a fantastic rifle. Highly recommend this gun to anyone who wants an AR platform that is inexpensive to shoot.

Hank wrote:
December 02, 2012

just got mine yesterday, awesome piece, probably cant shoot it for another week, what torture!

EPT wrote:
November 25, 2012

I'm new to the AR 15/22 world. I want to deck it out with some accessories. What is a good quality site for this rifle??

Greg wrote:
November 04, 2012

Won the gun in a raffle. Have sent about 2000 rounds through it at the range..flawless. Excellent rabbit gun. Light and handy. Excellent buy.

jay wrote:
October 31, 2012

No u cant use lower with .223/556 upper.. mag well is different, no bufferspring well in stock tube etc etc... only made for. 22 and blowback type bolt.

TKGunner wrote:
October 24, 2012

Can I buy a Full 5.56 Upper to replace the 22 Upper on my M&P 15-22. I know it has a standard AR 15 Lower and will except the mags. Just not sure if the rest of the lower will handle the 5.56/.223 round.

RON wrote:
October 23, 2012


Gunchick wrote:
September 22, 2012

Just got my smith and Wesson ar 15 22 today pink and black awesome gun I love it!!

Randy wrote:
September 22, 2012

does all m&p 15-22 accept the 25 round magazines?

Dylan wrote:
August 19, 2012

@Matt Malecki there are multiple parts that you can add onto the threaded barrel version, check here: http://www.tacticool22.com/

Chris wrote:
July 28, 2012

I have a quick question for you. I recently received a M&P 15-22 for my birthday. The gun is a joy to shoot! I have a few 22 long rifles and this one will be a favorite for a while. My question is this....will an upper receiver for a mp15 FT fit my lower receiver for mp15-22? This link is what I'm looking at and would need the upper receiver. http://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/36_787/products_id/53497/Smith+%26+Wesson+10+%2B+1+223+Remington+Carbine+w16%22+Barrel Is this possible?

Kyler wrote:
July 19, 2012

Comments...I'm trying to get my dad to buy me this gun I'm 13 but in love with guns help me out guys!!!

Delfuego wrote:
July 16, 2012

No, it can not shoot other ammo.

scot wrote:
July 06, 2012

Can the S & W MP 15-22 shoot larger ammo.

Matt Malecki wrote:
May 28, 2012

Ive ADDED so many tactical parts on mine, i NEED TO KNOw if i can put a COMPENSATOR on it..... someone please HELP

Rease wrote:
May 26, 2012

@zombieguy Yes you can, very easily there is a screw on the side of the sights that you can twist with little effort using your hand.

Adam wrote:
May 19, 2012

This rifle is amazing. It shoots any type of ammunition, very accurate, super dependable, and a twin to the military's M-4 (otherwise known as the AR-15 to civilians). I would highly recommend this rifle to anyone and everyone. Again, like always, great job Smith and Wesson.

Had2HavIt wrote:
May 07, 2012

Bought this weapon a few weeks ago. So far my daughter(11) and I have put over 800 rounds through the M&P15-22 with NO failures, shoting Fed. American Eagle. The 15-22 is worth every penny.

lukeMT wrote:
May 04, 2012

I am looking to buy an excellent 22. Many people on this message board brag about the abilities of this rifle at 50 yards. Does anyone know how it shoots at 75/100? Thanks for any feedback.

Zombie guy wrote:
April 21, 2012

Can you remove the front/rear sights on this bear?

SMP wrote:
March 30, 2012

@Paul Manning you can find these at most Dick's Sporting Goods for the MSRP of 499.99 they usually have a camo version as well for $50 more but the camo version usually comes with a 10 rd mag instead of 25 rd.

karl wrote:
March 28, 2012

T.C i just wonted to help you out by saying all AR-15 parts will fit on this gun

Paul Manning wrote:
March 20, 2012

Where can I find one?!?! please help !! I am in love with this rifle but can NOT find one... especially with MagPul options (def want threaded barrel)

Sarah wrote:
March 19, 2012

I bought the pink and black camo one. I absolutlely love it. Now I am just trying to dedide which scope would be best with it.

T.C. wrote:
March 17, 2012

I put a Nikon Prostaff rim fire scope on mine and can't stop shooting it. I would like to change trigger out, will triggers that fit a regular AR work

Steve wrote:
March 12, 2012

CenterPoint 2-7x32mm Scope from Walmart with medium rings works great on mine.

Jack wrote:
March 05, 2012

Dear jessi I would get him a red dot sight scope you ca n find one all you have to look up is red dot scopes.

Jessi wrote:
March 04, 2012

I need some help guys! I want to buy my husband a scope for his S&M 22 M&P 22 and need some suggestions on what to buy..... This is a gift otherwise I would ask him

Jeremy wrote:
March 03, 2012

I got mine roughly two weeks ago and I have been hating the gun, for one single reason. It is TO damn fun t shoot! I got off work every day for a week and shot a mag full of ammo just for the fun of it. So far, i`ve had 250+rounds through it with one single jam. The gun is a amazing rifle, it ran me 453 out the door. It`s fun, light, real accurate and fun, any kid could shoot it and any adult. If you want a cool AR22 rifle with many attachment options and cheap to shoot, don`t wait, buy this gun!

Fernando wrote:
February 26, 2012

I've had this rifle for nine months and have had nothing but fun and good moments with it. Even participated in IPSC kind of competitions with great performance. Yes, some missfires, but only because of ammo quality, never a malfunction.

Devin wrote:
February 23, 2012

How many bullets does the .22 semi automatic shoot?

Billy wrote:
February 17, 2012

Iam on the way to buy one now! Cant wait to get out and try it.

josh wrote:
January 19, 2012

just bought the gun today on 1-19-12. just desided to use th single clip that came with it and 500 rounds. bought at a shop with an indoor range. about 30 minutes into shooting i had already began to love the gun. another 15 minutes went by and got tired of only having one clip. so went back to the shop and bought two more clips. in other words 75 rounds only stoping to change clips. amazing gun. would be great for a small child to a full grown man. all in all before the day was done me and my frien put over 1000 rounds with few misfires. would recomend this to anybody. there was actually a couple there with the wife trying to learn on a 40 cal. she liked the look of my gun so i let her try it and almost instantly she shot better. no bad things to say with this. great job s&w on a great gun

Rundle wrote:
January 11, 2012

So has anyone done a conversion to center fire rounds?

john wrote:
January 07, 2012

i've put over 2000 rounds through mine with only 2 misfires. federal ammo seems to do just fine. easily go through those 550 round boxes in one sitting, which fortunately only cost about $20; whereas, for 20 bucks i could only get about 30 5.56x45mm rounds. i enjoy this rifle a lot, it is fun, and cheap.

Re: Michael wrote:
January 06, 2012

From the article, "Reliability has always been a factor for .22 rifles, mostly due to the rimfire primer in the ammunition, which is less reliable but much cheaper than a center-fire round."

Michael wrote:
January 05, 2012

First time gun owner... Does the m&p 15-22 use rim fire or center fire ammo? I feel dumb for having to ask..

Walter wrote:
January 03, 2012

I purchased my M&P 15-22 a while ago.Have mounted scopes and red dots on it once stighted in it is dead on. I am waiting for five ten round mags for plate shoots at gun club. I really like this gun a lot. I also like the Federal 550 bulk ammo and use it in my pistols also. Thank you S&W for a fine product!

Jeff Hutton wrote:
January 01, 2012

I have been looking at this gun for over a year now. I finally bought one a week ago. I cannot put this gun down. Only fired about 100 rounds through it so far, but it is awesome !!!! I shot video of my 11 year old dumping a full clip and you could not wipe the smile off his face or mine. I would recomend

short-round wrote:
December 22, 2011

I want to find a military style hand grip for under the barrel

Carl wrote:
December 21, 2011

I bought my M&p 15-22 last spring. I install a low cost red dot which works great up to 50 yards. I fired the 550 Federal ammo from Walmart with no jam or misfire. A geat target rifle at a reasonable cost $420.

dean greve wrote:
December 14, 2011

i won the gun in a raffle and me and my son shot 2500 rounds the first day we shot federal value pack 550 rounds had no problems was really fun

dngrdave wrote:
December 12, 2011

I have had my 15 22 for a little over two years now and the only problem I have had was a buddy had poured remington golden bullets and yellow jackets into my bulk federal box and in the middle of a clip my gun made a horrendous pow answer smoke came out of every opening on the gun. At this time it was still under warranty so I called and a very nice lady told me this was a one in a thousand documented failure with the 15 22. When it failed it blew out the ejector pin and a chunk out of the bolt. I found the pieces and sent it all to s&w they had my gun back to me with a new improved bolt assembly in ten days, no problem. I love this gun. It is my all time favorite plinker. Since getting my gun back i haven't had one problem from it. Best all around good time gun out there!!! Remington ammo is trash...

topovski wrote:
December 10, 2011

got mine in july went throuh so much ammo that i dont even know how much i used by this point cheap to shoot, if you go to AR15outfiters.com most of the things you would put on 223. ar will fit on it

15-22 Lover wrote:
November 20, 2011

Put over 500 rounds through it today. Shot at 50yds and hit 2" steel targets. Used Federal bulk 525 ammo. Didn't have a miss fire till the 6th clip. Love this gun for the fun. Also have the Ruger 10-22 kinda felt bad not putting as many rounds through it.

Andrew wrote:
November 09, 2011

I bought one of these over a year ago with the factory installed flash suppressor and have had nothing but good times with it. My only negative is after every 250+ rounds are fired through it the flash suppressor unscrews and one time fell off, I have since applied some lock tite and the problem was solved

john wrote:
November 05, 2011

I bought this gun about two weeks ago and all ready put 1000 rounds through it. I love this gun I put a vortex strikefire red dot scope on it and easily puts quarter sized groupings at 50+ yards. On ammo I tried winchester 525 pack and had a hand full of misfires CCI and federal target/ plinking works best for mine.

Lynn wrote:
November 02, 2011

Own seven .22's. This my favorite except for Marlin 39a. Nostalgia. It is flawless. Over 400rds today. Remington 22 ammo has a problem. You fire 50 rds you'll get 10 different sounds. Some shots leave you wondering if the round made it out the barrel. Not kidding. Federal bulk or CCI only. Very accurate. Bench rest at 25 Yds leave you shaking your head. Very proud of my purchase. Load and tap the mag to seat properly! Attracts much attention. Get one.

Maxposner wrote:
September 08, 2011

The rifle is flawless, the first 22 I have bought for myself since 1978. Put 1100 rounds through it the first outing and can't stop shooting it. The mags are easy to load but still had sore fingers! Must have over done it! As for the open magazine and the ChautChaut machinegun, are you planning trench warfare? Or are you just squirrel hunting? All around one of the best purchases I have made in years, hats off to S&W, by the way, the last .22 I bought for myself was a Model 18 Smith, and it is still a favorite, albeit 33 years later!

TxDoc wrote:
July 24, 2011

Thanks to all prev posters re: ammo recommendations. I bought this guy about 18 months ago, but have not been able to get it to the range yet. Y'all Rock!

Nate wrote:
June 16, 2011

S&W seems to have worked out the extraction and feeding problems - mine only had 4 failures to feed with 333 rounds of Winchester Super-X. These were likely due to mag loading errors, and/or the loose fit of the bullet in the case, which could cause it to bend. No failures with CCI Mini-Mags. This rifle is a blast to shoot, and a good training platform for your full-up AR. I trained shooting and moving, support side shooting, and target transitions with it today. Sights are awesome - especially the dual aperture. Small for precision, big for speed. Getting more mags and a Giles sling soon. Looking forward to trying weapon/support side transitions and reloads with it.

Da Nickster wrote:
April 06, 2011

I bought my M&P 15/22 about a year ago, installed a Hogue "overmolded" rubber pistol-grip, installed a BSA RMDS Multi Dot Reticle Sight and a Mako stud adaptor for the forearm. Hook-up the Harris Bipod and drive some tacks!! The BSA sight is very low profile. Perfect for this rifle, because if you want to use the "Fixed Sights" you can still look through the optics and use the factory sights. The best of both worlds, Thanks to Larry Potterfield at Midaway USA. I use only the CCI High Velocity 34gr. Hollow Points and this rifle performs flawlessly!! The barrel is actually a "match grade" barrel, made by Thompson Center for S&W. And what nobody mentioned here, is that you can actually drop the lower receiver and replace the trigger group with just about any AR trigger. You can find this information on S&W's website. My favorite rifle now!!! Thank You, Smith & Wesson. By the way, I have run probably 3,000rds. through mine already and it just seems to still be breaking-in and getting more accurate.

Fatboy wrote:
March 12, 2011

Flawless with cci ammo . Pumped 25 headshot rounds as fast as I could squeeze at 50 meters and didn't drop any. Using the UTI 4x32 scope..FLAWLESS

Rob wrote:
March 10, 2011

I love this gun. Most fun weapon I have. For people who complain about feeding problems, its user error. When you load rounds put them in the mag one at a time and make sure they stack properly and you won't have feeding problems. The manual says don't use Remington... Their primers are garbage. I use them cause it's the most available where I live... You get 10+ duds per box of 525. Strangely enough the best ammo I've found for it is wolf. Just got a ncstar 3-9x42 scope and going to take it to 100yds this weekend.

Joel wrote:
March 08, 2011

Mine was great right out of the box. I read about feed and extraction failures, but had none. Used @ 1500 rounds of CCI mini mags, CCI stingers & Remington bulk from Walmart. All functioned just fine for the 3 shooters who have used the rifle. It's a neat little rifle and I recommend it.

rs wrote:
February 18, 2011

I shot remington 22lr "golden bullet" in mine and had multiple misfires. It says right in the owners manual " do not use REm golden bullet ammo in this weapon, which I found out too late and had already bought 500 rds at a gun show w/the mp 22. wont use their ammo again!

JJ wrote:
February 06, 2011

i have put around 2k rounds thru my m&p it has flawless perfomance..the best rifle i own!! the manual says do not use remington ammo!! it is total crap anyway..i have found the cheap bulk blazer ammo shoots the best in my M&p. u can do anything to this rifle that u can do to a m&p15 AR..10/10 rating!! my .22 plinking buddies idolize this gun!

Brandon wrote:
February 02, 2011

I use s&w FMJ it works great.

Ken wrote:
January 25, 2011

I've put well over 1K rounds through mine with only one failure to extract, that fault lying in the magazine loading. I find that bulk Remington ammo don't run as well as Federal bulk. CCI is the best. Fantastic .22 rifle, fun to shoot and very accurate. All controls work just like its big brothers. Many add ons are available.

Jeff wrote:
January 17, 2011

I have spent the price of the rifle to find ammo that works. Federal Gameshock stovepipes 4 rds per clip CCI mini mag looks promising Remimgton brass plated only stovepipes 3 times per clip.I have some old Aguila supeer extra that i finally fires a full clip without a malfunction. These guns have a feeding problem for the price.

Mike wrote:
December 22, 2010

Got mine last week. I have an ar that I love but it was getting too expensive to shoot all the time. I was looking for a "fun gun" for the range that wouldn't break the bank. This little rifle has quickly become my favorite gun!!! I can't put it down. 2000 rounds without a malfunction! Likes Winchester 36 gr value pack the best. $18 for 555 rnds at walmart. Stay away from remington ammo. I haven't put any through this rifle but never had any luck with it before. With a cheap simmons 4-9x32 scope it consistently produces quarter size groups at 50 yards.... Only problem is I live in Mass and am limited to 10 round mags and the stock is pinned so it doesn't collapse. I HATE this state!!!

tom wrote:
November 29, 2010

why the open magazine? is this sound engineering? didn't the open magazine prove worthless in WWl on the french "show-show" gun? history can be learned from. I don't know how this mag. will hold up after a day in the bush. apparently, everyone who revues the rifle has only taken it to a range.

Tom wrote:
November 06, 2010

I just tried out my new mp 15-22 with the remington bullets didnt do to bad each clip had one no fire out of 5 clips just eject it and keep shooting I think cci might work bettter.

John wrote:
October 22, 2010

Kevin, I wouldn't bother with the Remmington 22's , lots of information here http://smith-wessonforum.com/smith-wesson-m-p-15-22/146665-ammo-talk.html

Kevin wrote:
October 19, 2010

I was wondering if anyone has tried the remmington 22's which come in the 525 round box's?