The Remington VersaMax

The Remington VersaMax is at home in the upland field, the duck blind and even in the dove field. After all, maximum versatility is what the VersaMax is all about. Get an inside look as Sheriff Jim Wilson goes afield with this revolutionary shotgun. From the article "The Remington VersaMax."

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1 Response to The Remington VersaMax

Alton Buhler wrote:
December 11, 2012

I have owned Remington shotguns for over 40 years. I still have my first one, a 870 wing master . I just purchased a Versa Max based on the feel of the gun and all stories I've read, like this one. It will be put to the test of duck hunting in the brackish marshes of south louisiana duck hunting. I feel confident that my next report of its performance will be equal to what I've been saying about all the other Remington's I've owned. 'The best there is'