New Guns for 2013

The National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW) holds a trade show each year in November. A variety of gun manufacturers provide a sneak peek into what guns might make their way onto the market in 2013. While having a gun on display at this show is not always a sure bet it will become available, it's always interesting to see what gunmakers have in mind.

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17 Responses to New Guns for 2013

Your NameZabi wrote:
June 10, 2013

Comments...It is nice gun for me

hayden wrote:
April 02, 2013

Thats one sick gun.

Idaho Shooter wrote:
January 18, 2013

At first glance looks like a Hi Point.

brent k wrote:
January 04, 2013

Where is the new ruger? SR 45 and LC380?

me wrote:
January 02, 2013

Wow that must of been the gun Val kilmer used in tombstone, were he got them three shots off with out reloading.

Thomas perkins wrote:
December 19, 2012

How do I get ONE

David wrote:
December 18, 2012

The Three Amigos!

Mike Healy wrote:
December 18, 2012

This gun would be great, if not just make more sense, if it were a 460 S&W mag. It could fire the-----.45 "lC",454 mag an even the 410 shot shell besides the 460 S&W mag all in the same gun. and I of course would buy one and love to have it.

Ken wrote:
December 14, 2012

Only the best for our troops in the field. Glad to see the 45acp being used again.

RMcG wrote:
December 13, 2012

A Steyr AUG competitor? Im looking forward to reviews on this one!!

T.J wrote:
December 13, 2012

LAME!!!, more import JUNK!

Roman R wrote:
December 13, 2012

Oh yah, who is that at my door !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!will all 3 go off at same time ??

Peter wrote:
December 12, 2012

Chiappa triple threat 12 gauge as an AOW $5 tax stamp with pistol grip and short barrel the perfect pirate gun. Sign me up.

Shane wrote:
December 12, 2012

I'd call it the holy trinity. Send 'em to their maker in the name of the Father (top barrel), Son (left barrel) and Holy Spirit ( right barrel)!!

Rick Rosado wrote:
December 12, 2012

I cant wait to get my hands on the one with the rail .

Stan Hill wrote:
December 12, 2012

Where can I buy? Live near Canton & Akron, Ohio

chris wrote:
December 12, 2012

Heck ya. cant wait. love 1911 pistols. gotta have one.